Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nascent Knowledge...

The dangers of Sea Level Rise are down the road.

The economic impact has started.

Negative overreaction is the immediate crisis.

We are already paying for potential damages, based on the earliest predictions, and a lot of media alarmism.

Don't get the cart too far ahead of the horse.

We don't know where we're headed yet.


This is a good place to start this presentation.

With all the information available on Sea Level Rise, why should you pay any attention to what I have to say?

I was born with The Cosmos in my noggin.

It has lead to a lifetime of naturally flowing, expansive thoughts.

After 68 years of operating with this inborn awareness as the driving force in my life, I have come to the conclusion that we are all born with this.

While most people seem to lose the sensation of being one with the whole thing, and many spend their lives attempting to recapture the sensation, it stuck with me from day one.

One example is, as a kid I saw only postage stamp size ‘artist impressions’ of the planets in our Solar System, as depicted in the margins of Encyclopediae.

When Hubble finally showed us clear images of the far off gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn, they looked exactly as I had always pictured them, even before seeing the tiny Encyclopedia images.

The big picture has remained comfortably in focus at all times.

Cool, but what good is this unique outlook?

Those same 68 years have given me time to develop this natural ability into a refined skill.

Open a question.

After a blank instant, my mind reawakens with total focus on the issue presented.

My acquired skills and knowledge, along with the naturally expansive thoughts, quickly come into play.

My mind instantly sees the question from all the way in, all the way out, and back around again.

The direct, simple answer or solution becomes clear.

In today’s world, such spontaneous, simple answers are rarely doable.

Life itself is way too complicated.

But, they are a great place to start.

If the objective is to go up, for example.

It’s going to save a lot of time if the basic understanding of upness is introduced at the very beginning.

Seemingly, no shovels will be needed, that leads down.

But, we may need shovels to dig the rocks we pile to get up on.

The big picture shows all sides instantly.

This enables those involved to start on the same page and progress rapidly.

That is of value in today’s complex world because it saves time.

When you stop to consider it, time is by far the most valuable commodity on Earth.

I can save a lot of time in our upcoming confrontation with Sea Level Rise.

I understand it.

Sea Level Rise is all about natural expansiveness, my specialty.

Grasping this "Nascent Knowledge" is going to prove invaluable as the future encroaches on our complacency.

Heads we go…!

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