Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hi, this is Steve Smyth, coming to you from Shoreline Earth.

Shoreline Earth is any place where water meets land.

From The Ocean, to the smallest puddle, you can bet there is life along the water’s edge.

It could be Killer Whales and Great Whites patrolling, while keeping an eye out for water loving picnickers on the shore.

Or a single celled organism that lives only until the puddle dries up.

The place where water and land meet is as much a part of us as our fingers and toes, which we love to trail in the water just to feel the wet on our skin.

Water is life.

Suddenly, Earth’s biggest Shoreline, where The Ocean meets land, is in trouble.

The Ocean is warming and expanding, creating higher tides along every coastline.

This is a long range trend.

Earth is changing, again.

That’s nothing unusual.

The Geologic record proves it.

However, change does not usually happen before our eyes in real time.

This is an amazing time to be alive.

Yet, everyone seems to be afraid of Sea Level Rise.

Sea Level Rise can be viewed as a wake up call, and a gift from nature if we take a closer look.

We need to be aware of this natural phenomenon, and its potential effects on our future.

But fear is not necessary.

Relentless determination is.

Here's the wake up call.

We need to quickly become more resourceful and condition ourselves to be just as relentless and reliable as the tide.

Otherwise our entire way of life screeches to a halt in a very short time.

Now for the gift from nature aspect.

Let’s take a realistic look at the brighter side.


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"The Brighter Side Of Sea Level Rise"

Here's the real skinny.

Nothing stops the rising tide.

We have known this since long before we ever heard of Sea Level Rise.

It is not going away, and it is not going to stop.

We are surrounded by this issue, literally and figuratively.

NOW, is the time to turn the relentless power of rising Seas to our advantage.

Here at Shoreline Earth, we're going to make Sea Level Rise pay for itself.

Earth’s Ocean is the most powerful engine on The Planet.

With the advent of Sea Level Rise, it is getting stronger by the day.

Tidal Power can pay for the long range costs of Sea Level Rise.

While other natural resources are disappearing before our eyes, Tidal Power is on the increase, thanks to rising Seas.

We just have to learn to use this incredible force.

Sea Level Rise is an Earth Changing event, taking place in real time.

But, unlike Nukes, Global Pandemic, or Asteroid strikes, it’s not going to kill us all at once.

We have no idea what to do when facing long range inevitability.

This has never happened before.

There is no precedent, or history to fall back on.

This one is ‘make it up as we go along’.

Most of us seem to be taking a siege mentality, building walls, trying to wait it out with our remaining provisions, while hoping for reinforcements to arrive with solutions.

I’ve chosen to face Sea Level Rise head on and develop those much needed solutions.

It starts with us realizing the situation.

We've jammed ourselves tightly up against every shoreline we can get to for Centuries.

It’s innate, a primal urge that never goes away.

Now we are confronted with moving back from present day coastlines within decades.

It took us forever to get here.

There will be serious resistance to giving it up.

At the personal level, life at the coast is success.

In the bigger picture, our Global Economy relies on Maritime Commerce, which relies on access to ports.

Sea Level Rise is going to change all of that very shortly.

We cannot simply turn The Planet into The Netherlands.

Take a look at The Ocean.

Nothing is going to hold back such relentless force.

What are we going to do?

Adaptation and utilization of available natural resources got us this far.

I'm betting we turn Sea Level Rise from a crisis to an opportunity in no time.

It's in our nature.

While Sea Level Rise is a Global phenomenon, coastal regions each face their own individual problems.

I’m located North of Boston, along the Atlantic coast.

Let’s concentrate on this area for now.

Welcome to Boston’s Noth Shoa.

This area is a great place on the verge of an economic boom inspired by Sea Level Rise and driven by Tidal Power.

We have what you need.



Come and get it.

Be among the first.

This is the bandwagon you want to jump onto, Folks!

Check it out, and talk it up.

If you take a little time to follow the links and absorb this material, you will know more about the potential effects of Sea Level Rise than 99% of all the people on Earth.

Spread this around and the other 99% will see it as well.

We do not need 1%ers knowing more than everybody else.

Take a look at what that imbalance has caused in the Economic world.

This is for all to know and share.

I guarantee we will be better off with this knowledge flowing freely.

Grasp it, then pass it on.

This is Shoreline Earth

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