Friday, December 25, 2015

I love Sea Level Rise.

It's a remarkable gift from Nature.

Earth is changing the rules, and giving us time to prepare for these changes.

Sea Level Rise is a harbinger of big change to come.

Early awareness is the gift.

Starting yesterday, Sea Level Rise affects everyone on Earth.

It is going to force us to work together.

That will prove to be a good thing.

Tomorrow is coming.

With a clear vision, and advance planning, we can turn Sea Level Rise from a Global Crisis to a valuable asset.

Here's how.

Earth’s Ocean is saying, “Get out of the way. I’m cleaning up around here.”

While we struggle, trying to resolve pollution and climate issues, Earth’s Ocean is taking charge.

We have jammed ourselves tightly up against every shoreline we can get to for Centuries.

While doing this, we have constantly dumped our debris into Earth’s Ocean, out of sight, out of mind.

Earth’s Ocean has had enough of our disregard.

She is dredging up the power of her very core.

Right now, it appears that her plans are long range.

We have no real sense of her concept of time.

Eons could well be like seconds to us.

Let’s hope she continues to operate at this long, drawn out pace.

She could simply shake a few times, get some agitation going along the coasts, and wash us and our activities away in a heartbeat.

My guess is long range.

Hope I’m right.

But, how can this be considered a gift from Nature?

Sea Level Rise is threatening our very way of life.


Our very way of life is what is causing all of this to happen in the first place.

This is a Natural heads up.

Mother Earth is preparing a dose of tough love.

She’s saying, “If you like the way things have been going for you,
start paying attention, or move to Nebraska.

You have some time.

This is a wake up call, not punishment.

But I need to see some action here.

Show me what you are capable of when faced with losing your way of life.

This has to happen.

One way, or the other.

Change is necessary.

The Balance of Nature has been torn asunder by Human stagnation along Earth’s Shoreline.

Start developing new methods of dealing with your intrusive ways.

Show some respect.

Teach one another.

Start now.”

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